ProjectMACULA Team

Ophthalmology and CIS Team Members

Project MACULA team and friends, August 2013
Ophthalmology (DoO) and Computer and Information Science (CIS)
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Back row: Kristen Hammack (CIS, research assistant, web design), Doug Ross (CIS, PhD Student; Mechanical Engineering, faculty); Karen Horton (CIS, IT support); Katie Litts (Vision Science, PhD student); Lindsay O Hannon (CIS, research assistant, web creator and design); Tom Ach, MD (DoO, research fellow)

Front row: Jeff Messinger, DC (DoO, Research Associate, histology and ex vivo imaging); Kenneth Sloan, PhD (CIS, Associate Professor, CIS leader); Christine A. Curcio, PhD (DoO, Professor, pathologist); Larry Owen (CIS, IT support); Mark Bentley (CIS, research assistant; programming and IT support)

Not shown: Tianjiao Zhang (UAB 2015; image management)